Cold Wars 2012

HMGS sponsors the finest historical miniatures wargaming conventions anywhere, some drawing in excess of 3700 attendees. Cold Wars  is held at Lancaster, PA each March.  Its fun, friends, some respectable retail therapy and historical miniature wargaming at its finest and then some.

Vive l'Empereur! Our theme for 2012 is 1812, A World at War - Napoleon in Russia, Wellington in Spain and the War of 1812.
The campaign began on 24 June 1812, when Napoleon's forces crossed the river Neman, so 2012 is the Invasion's bicentennial year. 

Think you can handle the rigors of such a campaign? Then down a flask of your favorite libation, pack a Marshal's Baton in your backpack and begin the march to Cold Wars 2012, where this year the convention presents three full days of the best historical miniatures gaming anywhere. To the sound of the guns, forward - for God, the Czar and Holy Russia!


Thursday:  Gaming -- 6 PM - until ?  Exhibitors -- Closed  Registration -- 7-9 PM  Events Desk -- 7-9 PM  Flea Market -- Closed.

Friday:  Gaming -- 9 AM - 1 AM   Exhibitors -- 12 - 6 PM  Registration 8 AM - 7 PM  Events Desk -- 8 AM - 7 PM  Flea Market -- 2 PM - 5 PM.

Saturday:  Gaming -- 8 AM - 1 AM  Exhibitors -- 9 AM - 6 PM  Registration -- 8 AM - 4 PM  Events Desk -- 8 AM - 12 PM  Flea Market -- 10 AM - 1 PM, 2 PM - 5 PM.

Sunday:  Gaming -- 8 AM - 5 PM  Exhibitors -- 9 AM - 12 PM  Registration -- 8 AM - 12 PM  Flea Market 9 AM - 11 AM (free)

General Convention Information:

Fees for Cold Wars 2012 (subject to change):
    Pre Reg HMGS Member Admission (Weekend) $ 15.00
    Pre Reg Non-Member Admission (Weekend)  $ 40.00
    On-Site HMGS Member Admission (Weekend) $ 25.00
    On-Site Non-Member Admission (Weekend)  $ 40.00
    On-Site One Day Admission    $ 20.00
    New or Renewal HMGS Membership $ 25.00
    Flea Market Table, Friday 2 pm - 5 pm $ 20.00
    Flea Market Table, Saturday 10 am - 1 pm $ 20.00
    Flea Market Table, Saturday 2 pm - 5 pm $ 20.00
    Flea Market Table, Sunday 9 am - 11 am  FREE
    Minors (14 or younger)      FREE
    Convention T-Shirt in Small size $ 10.00
    Convention T-Shirt in Medium, Large or XL size $ 15.00
    Convention T-Shirt in 2X or 3X size $ 17.00
    Convention T-Shirt in 4X size $ 20.00
    HMGS Lapel Pin  1" by 1.25" $ 6.00


** Miniatures Hobby University **

IMPORTANT CHANGE -- All Classes are free for HMGS members and $2 each for non-member Exception – Our new private painting lessons have a fee of $8 dollars per hour.

** Tournament Basic Information **

Tournaments are being put on by the North American Society of Ancient and Medieval Wargamers, the Renaissance Wargaming Society, the Northeast Wargaming Society and Flames of War. For more information, please go the the NASAMW registration desk. An entry fee of $5 for NASAMW members for all of Cold Wars, and an entry fee of $5 per event for non-NASAMW members, is charged. These go for trophies and other expenses only-- this fee is above and beyond any other convention expenses.

DBA, HotT & DBxVariants at Cold Wars: Players should bring their own armies (unless event description notes that figures will be provided or that loaners will be available) as well as terrain (some terrain is available for communal use); all battlefields are provided. Players must show up at events 15 minutes prior to the posted start time for assignments. Sign up for all events at the NASAMW DBA registration table. Some online pre-registration is available for specific events where listed in the event details. Please contact David Schlanger with any questions:

Special Cold Wars Rule Modification: Unless noted in a specific event description, all DBA events will allow dismounting in the first bound ONLY. All other rules related to dismounting remain the same.

The 2012 Manly Cup: The Long Island Bostwicks bring you The Manly Cup! This is an award that is designed to find and recognize those DBA players that are the absolute gutsiest. Those that always seem to make those moves that don't necessarily make sense, but adopt that "Go Big or Go Home" attitude. This "event" begins the first evening of the convention(Thursday, this year) and ends Saturday night. The player that has been recognized as making the most Manly (read "gutsy") moves throughout this period will be declared The Manliest Man (or woman!) of Cold Wars, and will be awarded the prestigious Manly Cup!

DBM at Cold Wars: Version 3.2 rules and both 2nd Edition and DBMM army list books will be used. Players using the DBMM lists must make sure to heed the DBM conversion rules on the last page of these books but may use any rear support specified in a list, whether normally allowed in DBM or not. Players need their own army, terrain and ground cloth. Sign up at least 15 minutes prior to the designated start time. Sign up for all events at the NASAMW registration desk.

Field of Glory at Cold Wars: 25mm players are encouraged to bring a 15mm army as a backup. Please arrive at least 15 minutes, preferably earlier, before the start of the event to facilitate organizing.  GM: Marc Crotteau

Warrior at Cold Wars: Players must check in 30 minutes prior to the listed start time. One list. Generals must be rolled. Preset terrain.

GM: Scott Holder

Special Rules: Barbarian Foot Rules in effect. XRules 5.11, 6.2, 11.1 and 17.1 in use. New Biblical and Dark Age Warrior lists allowed.

Special deployment and infantry rules listed at:

Warhammer Historicals at Cold Wars:  A $5 fee will be collected from each player for plaques and terrain costs for each tournament they participate in. Lists must be provided to GM and opponent before Round 1. All details at Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the event start.