(Newspaper/Online) High Density Refereed Research Paper Session

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Aug 9th at 8:15 AM until 9:45 AM




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Moderating/Presiding: Debasis “Deb” Aikat, North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Group I Papers
New Media, Old Sources: An Examination of Source Diversity of Online News
in China
Na Liu and Fen Lin, City University of Hong Kong
A Wave of Sources: An Examination of Sources used in U. S. and Japanese
Newspaper Coverage of the Tsunami in Japan
Maria Fontenot, Catherine Luther and Ioana Coman, Tennessee
Online News Coverage and Political Knowledge: The Case of the 2010 Health
Care Reform Legislation
Kevin Wang, Butler
Sequence of Internet News Browsing: Platform, Content, Presentation
and Interface Usage
Lingzi Zhang, Singapore
Journalists, Technologists, and the Normalization Hypothesis: A Two-Part Case
Study of News Innovation Contest Submissions
Seth Lewis and Rodrigo Zamith, Minnesota; Nikki Usher
and Todd Kominak, George Washington

Discussant: Nikhil Moro, North Texas

Group II Papers
Newspaper Clubs Emerge From Bohemia: Nineteenth Century Press Clubs
in Chicago Stop Short of an Interest in Professionalization
Stephen Banning, Bradley
The Sporting News: A Study on Sports Teams and the News that Writes About Them
Ben Miller, Louisiana State
When the War on Drugs is Fought on the Field: Exploring Newspaper Coverage
of Drug and Alcohol Deviance of College Athletes from 1970 to 2010
Natalie Brown and Shuhua Zhou, Alabama
Conversational Journalism in Practice: A Case Study of The Seattle Times’
2010 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Breaking News Reporting*
Doreen Marchionni, Pacific Lutheran
Courting Coverage: A Content Analysis of the News Reporting of Supreme Court
of Texas Cases
Kenneth Pybus, Abilene Christian

Discussant: Sandra Utt, Memphis

* Winner, Top Open Division Paper Award