From Tabletop to Digital: Crafting Stronger Interactive Narratives

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Aug 31st at 2:30 PM until 3:30 PM


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Whether creating a multi-session campaign for a table-top roleplaying game or writing a branching storyline for a video game, crafting interactive narratives can be a difficult task. How do you take someone through a traditional story-arc when they make all the decisions? Which linear storytelling techniques work in an interactive narrative and which don't? How do you apply these stories in a digital medium without sacrificing the freedom of the player? Join Andrew Fischer, a designer of the Edge of the Empire Star Wars roleplaying game; Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda, a writer and designer from DoubleBear Productions; Matt Harkrader, freelance game editor; and potential special guests in exploring these issues. They will discuss applying classic storytelling archetypes in an interactive environment, using creative problem-solving to deal with unexpected player choices, and creating interactive narrative structures for digital games.