Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

Welcome, to Salt Lake Comic Con. This is one of the few times throughout  the year that we can all get together to show our true colors. During these three days we are all equals as we walk thru the doors of Comic Con. From the self proclaimed geek, gamer, sci-fi nerd, seeker of the supernatural, comic book fan boy or girl, seasoned con goers, or if you are new to this wild and crazy world; we encourage everyone to migrate together and share your wealth of knowledge.  

At Salt Lake Comic Con we have strived to inspire you by bringing in the worlds greatest creative minds. There is something special in the air and for that reason, we have followed our dreams with a Salt Lake Comic Con. We invite all of you to be apart of this great evolution.  If you would like to get involved and have a great time, then join us as we show the world that Salt Lake knows how to CON!

This guide should help you maximize your con experience. Updates will be added in periodically; rest assured we are working as hard as possible to finalize the details. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using this guidebook. Tip: you can drag and drop objects on the interface to rearrange it as it suits you.

Let the show begin! 


Wednesday 9/4

* Vendor setup: 10am - 7pm 
* Box office: 10am - 6pm 

Thursday 9/5

* Registration: 10am - 8pm
* Vendors: 12 noon 
* Box Office: 8am-8pm 

* VIP Admission into Salt Palace: 9am - 9pm

* General Admission into Salt Palace: 10am - 9pm

* First panel: 12 noon 
* VIP Admission to Event Floor: 3pm 
* General Admission to Event Floor: 4pm 
* Floor closes: 8pm 
* Last panel starts: 8pm 
* Last Film Festival showing ends: 11:30pm 
* Building cleared: midnight 

Friday 9/6

* Registration: 8am - 8pm
* Vendors: 10am 
* Box Office: 8am-8pm 
* First Panel starts: 2pm 
* VIP Floor Entry: 11am-9pm
* General Admission: 12 noon-9pm
* Floor closes: 8pm 
* Last Panel Starts: 8pm 
* Last Film Festival ends: 11:30pm 
* Building cleared: midnight 

Saturday 9/7

* Registration: 8am
* Vendors: 9am 
* Box Office: 8am - 8pm 
* First Panel starts: 8am 
* VIP Floor Entry: 9am - 9pm
* General Admission: 10am - 9pm 
* Last Panel starts: 7pm 
* Last Film Festival ends: 11:30pm 
* Building cleared: midnight