UMR-ACUHO 2011 Conference

Dear UMR Friends, Welcome to the 42nd Annual UMR-ACUHO Conference where you are invited to be On the Horizon. We are very excited about being in Topeka, Kansas and I would like to send a huge thank you to the University of Kansas for all of their work in hosting us this year. The Program Committee has been actively recruiting and working with presenters to provide our membership with a wide variety of sessions that will continue our professional development, challenge us, and allow us to share our best practices with each other. We will also be continuing our featured speaker program with some wonderful presenters. In addition to the programs & workshops, there will be many opportunities for you to be engaged at the annual conference. I hope that you will visit our vendor area and get to know our partners that bring us the many services and products to our campuses, meet and greet committee members to find out about volunteer opportunities as they are the individuals that keep our organization running, attend our business meeting to hear about our accomplishments and changes that will impact our organization, and network or revisit with colleagues at many of our social events. The volunteers who serve on our committees are the individuals who dedicate their time and work all year around to complete the work of the Association. These individuals are identified with a committee ribbon attached to their nametags. They are here to answer questions and provide help when needed. Please join me in thanking them for all of their work and accomplishments, because it is greatly appreciated. A vital group to our Association is our Sponsors & Exhibits Committee. Their efforts recruiting and communicating to our vendors and corporate friends add to our success as an Association. Whether you are a senior housing officer or a hall director, please spend some time in the exhibit area speaking to corporate representatives and learning about their products and services. I am grateful to you all for allowing me to serve as your UMR-ACUHO President this past year. The gifts that all of you bring to this organization has allowed me to grow as a professional and the people who make up this association have made it a rewarding year for me. The accomplishments we have made this year would not have been possible without the UMR-ACUHO team made up of the executive committee, committee chairs and volunteers. The talent, time, effort, work, and voice you each bring to the table and your dedication to making UMR-ACUHO a great region is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions while at the conference, do not hesitate to ask any Host Committee Member for assistance. The Host Committee Members, as well as all the UMR Team, are here to serve you. Enjoy your time in Topeka and even though I may be busy helping out where I can to ensure that your experience is a positive one, please don’t hesitate to say hello to me. Javier Gutierrez UMR-ACUHO President