36th Annual NADE Conference

NADE holds an annual conference that features sessions, institutes and panels on the latest research, strategies, student services, legislative issues and professional development as related to the various components of developmental education. This guide will provide access to the full schedule of activities for the 2012 NADE Conference. The schedule includes over 200 concurrent sessions, several institutes on specialized topics, including Certification Training, and of course opportunities for networking and fun. Our membership includes college administrators, faculty and student service staff. We are scholar-practitioners engaged in direct teaching and service to students. You will find us in developmental classrooms, tutoring centers, P-16 initiatives, workforce initiatives, grant programs, and adult basic education. We work in community colleges and research I universities with students in transition – and that includes first year graduates as well as first year developmental students and/or adults attending part-time evening classes. The majority of our focus is on the developmental student in mathematics, writing, and/or reading, and the student who comes for tutoring or Supplemental Instruction assistance. We are engaged in helping the dream of access become meaningful learning experiences and result in credentials that matter on that pathway of possibilities. We are passionate about what we do for our students.