Chicago Data Centers 2011

IMN's 2nd Conference on Financing, Investing & Real Estate Development for Data Centers is taking place on May 23-24, 2011 in Chicago, IL. IMN’s reboot of it’s data centers series of conferences took place in Los Angeles, last November, and was attended by over 200 senior executives including some of the most prominent data centers owners, tenants, investors, capital and service providers. For this sophomore event we will continue to cover some of the most popular themes including: * Demand Dynamics * The President/CEO Panel * Private Equity Panel We are also working on some new, exciting topics that will give much food for thought including: * Measuring ROI of Ultra-Efficiency, New/Upgraded Technology, Green Best Practices, Different Power & Cogeneration Products * What is Your Approach to Evaluating Power Rates & Pricing Structures? * Data Center Standards/ Managing Compliance Across Multiple Regulations * Secondary Cities * Value-Added Services: Build vs. Buy vs. Acquire * Valuation of a Data Center Property/Company * Mergers & Acquisitions * Cloud Enablers: What Do You Need to Succeed in the Business of Cloud * Switching Data Center Providers Looking forward to seeing you at our data centers conference in Chicago on May 23rd.