Covered Bonds - The Americas

The 3rd Annual Covered Bonds - The Americas Conference heralds a return to this event after a very successful 2010 program that featured more than 300 attendees and a keynote address from Representative Scott Garrett, R-NJ. The covered bonds product enjoys a strong reputation in Europe, having originated in Germany as a funding tool some 300 years ago. Covered bonds, some have argued, are a safer investment alternative owing to its on-balance sheet nature which means issuers of these bonds retain some skin in the game (a current criticism of its sister funding tool, securitization which is off-balance sheet funding.) The questions remains as to whether or not the world's largest and deepest mortgage market, the US, will develop its own covered bonds market. This conference will further explore the possibility as well as provide a foundation for understanding the product and its potential in the US. This one day conference program will feature the following topics: - Covered Bonds Basics: A Primer - Covered Bonds: How Efficient are They as a Funding Alternative? - The Role of Covered Bonds in the Investment Portfolio - Crystal -Balling the US Covered Bonds Market - Ratings Methodology for Covered Bonds - Establishing a CB Legislatory Framework in the US - Liquidity Concerns in the Secondary Market for Covered Bonds: Trader and Syndicate Banker Roundtable - Lessons from Europe in Establishing a CB Market - Covered Bonds Issuer Roundtable