Russell D. Campbell

Growing up, Russell D. Campbell always liked to doodle and somehow he never stopped being creative. Maybe that means he hasn’t “grown up?” He works in pen/ink, color pencil, and occasionally acrylic. Lately he's even been fiddling with some 3D art ideas. His work is fanciful, often humorous, and usually fantasy oriented. Just for good measure he occasionally lets a nightmare escape his mind as well. By day he plies the trade of software engineer. He's interested in green technologies, alternate energy sources, movies, books, and a wide variety of other things techies often enjoy. At conventions you may find him in panels, demos, wandering the Dealers’ Room and in the Art Show. And if, in the evening, you see him carrying a large blueish drinking horn . . . say “Hi!” and join him in the search for truth (or ale…).