Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference

Christa McAuliffe was our New Hampshire "teacher in space" astronaut who died in the Challenger shuttle launch on January 28th, 1986. In the way that all of us remember the events of September 11th, there are many New Hampshire educators who remember watching one of our own New Hampshire teachers perish in the first space shuttle tragedy. It is a moment in history none of us will forget. Grace Corrigan With permission from Grace Corrigan, Christa's mother, we incorporated Christa's name into our conference title and embraced her passion for teachers helping teachers beginning with our 1994 conference. Since that time we have honored and acknowledged our "teacher presenters" in the conference program by placing a "star" beside their sessions. Over the years Mrs. Corrigan, through the Christa McAuliffe Foundation, has supported the conference by providing thousands of dollars in scholarship funds for New Hampshire educators to attend the conference. In addition, Mrs. Corrigan regularly attends our conference, encouraging our attendees to realize Christa's dream in classrooms across New England. In Christa's memory and in keeping with her spirit this conference is designed to highlight the sharing of successful technology practices among educators. The conference serves as a forum for exchanging technology-based success stories, integration tips, instructional strategies, technical solutions, and management techniques, that really work in the learning environment. Based upon the concept of collegial sharing, the focus is on what is possible with the resources we have available today. The conference also provides a forum for investigating new and emerging technologies.