TI-Digital Story Telling Using Google Docs

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Feb 13th at 10:45 AM until 11:30 AM


Emerging Technologies 
Tech Innovations 


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Presenter: Michael Bokovitz, Mayfield City Schools Session Description: This session will teach you how to take collaboration to a new level with the use of Google Docs and a web camera. The session demonstrates how students at Mayfield Middle School collaborate with elementary students to create digital stories. Inexpensive web cams are used to video conference with an elementary classroom of students within their district to generate story ideas. The middle school students take note of the likes and dislikes of the elementary class and then take this knowledge to create a digital story using Google Presentation. Students illustrate the digital stories using various media (original artwork, Google Draw, Paint etc.). The project culminates with a presentation, via web cam, of the stories to the elementary students. You will walk away with the ability to carry out this project within your own district or expand it to collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

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