TI-Google Tablets in the Classroom - Year 1

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Feb 14th at 8:00 AM until 8:45 AM


Applying Technologies 
Tech Innovations 


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Presenter: Brian Pool, National Trail LSD Session Description: Technology on a budget is always a chore, especially when you want to be an innovator at the same time. We are testing Android 2.3 tablets in a Social Studies Classroom as a potential textbook replacement. These tablets are direct from China and cost $140 each. Students are using them to access online textbook sites, Moodle, Youtube, and (with Turning Point) as a student response system. Not to mention the Kindle App and thousands of other free Apps available. Come and see the 7” tablets we are testing, how we are looking to integrate them district wide, and the potential savings we see for the district for both students and the district budget through potential implementation.

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