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ITIP-Intro to Google Forms and Spreadsheets

Date & Time

Feb 14th at 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM


ITIP Google Workshop 
Emerging Technologies 


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Presenter: ITIP Ohio Instructor, ITIP Ohio

Session Description: Spreadsheets in Google Docs allows teachers and students to organize and analyze information in one place. With advanced tools for sorting, formatting, creating charts, visualizing information with gadgets, and entering formulas, shared, online spreadsheets can be used in a variety of settings. Forms work with Google Spreadsheets, allowing you to quickly and easily create an online survey or quiz and send it to students, parents, teachers, or staff, and keep track of the answers in one spreadsheet. Learn the basic Google Spreadsheet features and how to create, customize, and publish forms. There are so many ways spreadsheets and forms can be used at school, come find out how you can begin integrating this cool Google Tool!

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