Data Centers LA 2011

Data Centers, the buildings housing corporate servers & backup facilities, are an emerging asset class, that investors need to seriously consider for their investment portfolio. While the opportunities in the current real estate market are froth with tranche warfare, extend & pretend & trophy buildings at nosebleed valuations & the rest of the investment market is worrying about a double dip, data center growth has continued throughout the recession with demand doubling every 2 years. Many believe this is the one place where 20% returns are still possible. IMN’s reboot of it’s data center series of conferences took place in Los Angeles, past September, and was attended by over 200 senior executives including some of the most prominent data centers owners, tenants, investors, capital and service providers. For our recent Chicago event 300+ data center owners, real estate investors and tenants signed up. For this sophomore event we will continue to cover some of the most popular themes including >Demand dynamics, >The President/CEO Panel >The private Equity panel We are also working on some new, exciting topics that will give much food for thought including: >Tiering & Redundancy: How Important are they in the Data Center Environment of Today? >Demand Capacity Forecasting on a Facility/Entity Level; >Data Center Bankruptcy & the Impact on the Tenant >Measuring how Much Tax, Power & Other Incentives are Really Worth? >Power Rates, Build Times, Volatility, Contracts & Pricing >Data Center CAPX & TCO >Carrier Neutrality Vs. Bundled Services >Modular Data Centers