Missions Fest Vancouver mfv2012

Welcome from the Director Welcome to Missions Fest 2012! Our theme this year is "Local Community: Global Opportunity". It follows the progression taught in Acts 1:8, acknowledging the importance of local congregations in the global mission of God. Indeed, the whole book of Acts is a study of how local churches emulate the missionary heart of the Father, whether they are spreading the Kingdom of God through persecution (Jerusalem in Acts 8:1-3), or through obedience (Antioch in Acts 13:1-3). Churches were planted and grew to maturity. Churches reached out to people to meet needs, and brought the life-transforming message and presence of the Gospel to the peoples of the world. Missions and the Church are not to be isolated from each other, whether we speak of local initiatives or global endeavours. Reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living out Kingdom principles are aspects of the commandment of Christ: to go, preach the Gospel, teach all believers, and make disciples. This is all done in the context of the one group which Jesus said would stand; He promised that He would build His Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her (Matthew 16:18). A second aspect that we will highlight in this year’s conference is that strong Great Commission-minded churches not only go out into the world, but they take the lessons they learn and bring them back home. What they do globally begins to inform what is done at the local scene. In turn, what they learn locally is brought back to the global context. It is a constant cycle of growth and influence, relying upon God to build His Kingdom through them as they follow in obedience. I invite you to hear inspirational stories of men and women committed to building the Church at home and around the world. Visit the exhibition area and seek out agencies to ask them how they are working with local churches, or how they are planting, building, or equipping churches. Take in a seminar or film that tells the stories of how the Kingdom of God is growing, of how Christ continues to build his Church. Let me end with a warning: Enjoy the weekend, but don’t get comfortable. People who are part of communities that live in obedience to God often end up doing things they never thought they would do, or going places that they never expected to visit. Dwayne K. Buhler Director, Missions Fest Vancouver Welcome from the Board Chair We look forward to another great weekend at Missions Fest Vancouver. So glad that you are a part of it! MFV is the result of hundreds of volunteers from many church backgrounds coming together to make this time possible and make it work, with one purpose in mind – to remind us all that missions is the task of the church of Jesus Christ. Each of us who know Jesus Christ personally have a responsibility to see that others around us and throughout the world hear the good news that Jesus Christ died for their sins and they can know Him personally. This conference takes place because of the volunteers who take on the work that makes this time run smoothly. We thank each volunteer, as you give hours of your time throughout the year in planning activities and events, and as you put in hours over the Missions Fest weekend to make it all happen. At the same time over 140 churches get behind this event, along with its activities throughout the year, to promote Missions Fest Vancouver and support it financially. In this way their adherents are inspired, informed and encouraged to allow God’s call to mission to be carried out in their lives. Thank you to each of the churches and pastors who understand the importance of exposing your people to the many avenues of mission available to them, so that they are encouraged to be a part of missions at home and around the world in whatever way the Lord enables them to be. This is a church-based ministry in that it has been here for twenty-nine years because of church support, allowing us to reach out, inform, encourage and connect people with mission possibilities before them. This conference also needs and appreciates all the mission agencies that take part each year. You are a major part of this weekend and along with our thanks for being here we pray that the Lord will enable you to continue to reach lives for the Kingdom of God wherever your ministry is focused. As you attend this weekend we thank you for your prayerful support and financial giving. As you support in these ways, MFV will continue to fulfill its mandate for years to come. Your faithful assistance is needed this weekend and throughout the year. Some of you give monthly. We trust that others will consider this important need to keep MFV moving ahead. At the same time we ask that some of you consider making Missions Fest Vancouver a part of your will, leaving a legacy to this ministry. You are needed and you are appreciated! Thank you for attending Missions Fest Vancouver 2012. May God touch your life and continue to use you for His glory. Tom Wright, Chair of the Board, Missions Fest Vancouver