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Keep your audience informed and engaged with an event app, or an app for year-round communication, with one simple channel for you to manage.

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Replace all printing costs and provide one place where people go for information.

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The best-in-class app building platform

Easy to build and manage

Guidebook is simple, powerful, and intuitive. Build a native iOS or Android app and interactive web page in four easy steps with our world-class CMS. No technical skills required. Manage your content from wherever you are, whether that’s on your couch or in your office.

Comprehensive and flexible branding options

Guidebook offers a full range of branding and customization options. From your own branded, standalone app to a customized Space in our container app, we’ve got you covered. Need more than mobile? Guidebook Web is the perfect complement for your mobile app.

Industry-leading engagement features

Guidebook offers industry-leading interactive features that will help drive greater engagement with your audience. Use interactive maps, surveys, live polls, interactive social feeds, and push notifications to create buzz and increase engagement.

Award-winning support

Your dedicated Account Manager will help you devise game-changing mobile strategies. With email response times of less than 30 minutes during business hours and support chat response times in under 20 seconds, our gold-medal winning and globally-recognized customer satisfaction stats leave the industry standard in the dust.

Security and scalability

We take security seriously at Guidebook. We offer measures like SSO and SAML to ensure the safety of your user data and protect your organization. Guidebook is exceptionally fast and scalable.

Guide Use Cases

Here are a few examples of what our apps can do.
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Festival of Marketing

The Festival of Marketing (FoM) gathers 2.5k+ professionals from within the marketing, events, and advertising industry to showcase latest industry insights. Guidebook helps charge the lively atmosphere at FoM through a dynamic app that drives attendee engagement featuring twelve different stages of content. From colorful, eye-catching custom icons to rich speaker bios and session descriptions, the app targets attendees before, during and after the show and is an integral part of this complex event.

Philharmonic event app

King's College London

King's College London uses Guidebook to drive engagement during Welcome Week and beyond. Overwhelmed by emails, students were searching for a new way to consume information. By replacing PDFs and emails with a mobile app, KCL was able to streamline communication with a central place to easily access information. KCL’s mobile app is able to reach thousands of students and their families about hundreds of Welcome Week events spread across four central London campuses.

Philharmonic event app

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic uses Guidebook for internal events year-round. Hosting employees from different departments across the globe, they use the app to connect attendees with agendas, new cities and company strategies. From leadership team meetings, to press flights, to sales kick-off events – Virgin Atlantic employees have everything covered in one easy to use app.

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YMCA of the Rockies

The YMCA of the Rockies built a branded mobile app with two guides for the several thousand internal staff and guests who needed information throughout the year. With Guidebook, they built an internal staff guide as an onboarding resource and to better inform and communicate with employees. For their external guests, YMCA created a guide to house hotel information, links to local attractions, maps, and even included a communication channel for their guests.

 As a company, collaboration and coherence are important to us, and the mobile apps help us to keep driving towards those goals. 

Meaningful Integrations

Seamlessly connect your CRM, event registration, and marketing software to your app.
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Meaningful Integrations

Seamlessly connect your CRM, event registration, and marketing software to your app.
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Our commitment to mobile apps

Our mission is to make it simple to create and manage mobile apps. Over a hundred thousand organisations have used Guidebook to power their mobile experiences. While we’ve had a lot of success powering conference apps, corporate meeting apps, and university campus apps, our platform has been used for thousands of different use cases. Forward-thinking professionals are using Guidebook’s simple app builder to make interactive mobile guides for their student orientations, college campus tours, venues, corporate campuses, parks, and airports. Start going green with iPhone and Android apps built by the best event app company in the industry.